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Data from our pilot at Smilie Memorial School.

Program Description

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Essays and articles by students and teachers.
Software for bringing mindfulness to young people in your classroom or home after only 20 minutes of pre-class preparation. Increase student engagement. Improve your kids' focus.

Mindfulness teaches us that we have power over our minds. It teaches us how to be happier and increases our self-confidence.”



Support young people to improve focus, reduce stress, and build compassion.


♦Modern Mindfulness was developed in a public school as a collaboration between mindfulness experts and professional educators.


♦The program teaches young people the skills of focus and relaxation in order to improve social, emotional, and academic learning.


♦Our online software-assisted curriculum includes daily mindfulness exercises, weekly videos, and a practice-based online teacher training.


♦The exercises are guided by mindfulness experts so that you don’t have to be a pro right away.


♦The program takes just 5 minutes a day and is easy to implement in school, at home, or at after school programs/camps.



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Results from our pilot study


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What people think of The Center for Mindful Learning, A Non-Profit

Modern Mindfulness practice dovetails beautifully with the Responsive Classroom model. In both, the teacher and students co-create a learning environment that encourages respect, self-care and empathy. Mindfulness fortifies components of Responsive Classroom—such as Morning Meeting, Academic Choice and the focus on hopes and dreams—as it helps each individual develop greater self-awareness.
Mariah Freemole Teacher, Barstow Memorial School, Chittenden, Vermont
As you have no doubt heard many times, (the training) was very effective, and I believe I now have the tools to help the kids develop some very important lifelong habits.
John Pontius Teacher, Albert D. Lawton Intermediate School, Essex Junction, Vermont
Teachers are less stressed because their students are more able to be calm and focused. This increases their teaching time and the time that their students are engaged in learning.
Mary Woodruff Principal, Smilie Memorial School, Bolton, Vermont
One major unexpected benefit of the mindfulness work has been the opportunity to build trust and share personal insights and experiences that affect how we work together, but which would not otherwise come to the surface.
Samantha Stevens Co-Coordinator of the VNA Family Room, Burlington, Vermont
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