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Our mission

Teach more students as a certified mindfulness teacher today.

Modern Mindfulness is a coaching consultancy that helps certified mindfulness teachers spread their gift with the world by aiding you in finding more students, marketing your courses, and closing corporate clients.

Our mission is bringing mindfulness, compassion, and selflessness to 10% of the world. In this way, creating a global shift in our society.
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Our Core values

Be mindful.

Practice what you preach and help our organization and our teachers by cultivating a peaceful life, working with sincere dedication, and gratitude for all the challenges that come our way.

Be Transparent.

Be radically honest and don’t hedge. Face the difficulties of life and work head-on, take the result, and move on wiser than you came.

Be Open.

Be flexible and allow new ideas and opportunities to flow freely. Disagree, debate, and challenge — but without ego. Commit to the path forward once it’s been chosen.

Be Safe.

Offer a safe-haven for all. Foster an environment where everyone can be open, honest, and vulnerable. 

Be Selfless.

Your north-star is to reduce suffering and always prioritize the spread of mindfulness, not business. Be aware of selfless awareness, meet a person where they are, and practice patience.

See Your Shadows.

Vow to experience every shadow you hold near, and lead them to the light to ensure they don’t hold you back into the dark. Prioritize enlightenment over business.
What We Do
We are a coaching and consulting organization aiming to see 10% of US households practicing different types of mindfulness, resilience, & compassion training.

Only a fraction of mindfulness teachers teach as many students as they'd like.

Most new mindfulness teachers run into countless roadblocks and obstacles that prevent them from teaching as many students as they'd like.

Want more students but not sure what's standing in your way? Check out the Five Challenges of building a sustainable mindfulness organization below.

A group of certified mindfulness teachers learning how to grow their business.

The Five Challenges of Teaching Mindfulness

The Discrepancy of Money

There seems to be a collective shadow with teaching mindfulness and being ok with charging for our services.

People Still Don’t Know What the Heck it is

Most people in the US, even the world, don’t know what mindfulness is and even if they do, many times it’s still misunderstood. 

Business Doesn’t Jive with Us

Most teachers just want to teach and don’t want to bother with such skills as marketing, customer service and sales.

Mindfulness Teachers Tend to Live in a Bubble

Many teachers are held back either from imposter’s syndrome or not being confident to not knowing how to make a living from teaching. 

Mindfulness is Too Spooky

Most people still think mindfulness is spooky, fluffy, too spiritual or woo-woo. 

A business coach teaches a group of certified mindfulness teachers.

Teach more students as a certified mindfulness teacher.

Certified mindfulness teachers who have graduated from our program on average see at least a 50% increase in student sign ups and are able to successfully grow their student base.

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Build a plan to grow your mindfulness community.

We specialize in coaching mindfulness teachers to become better entrepreneurs, leaders, and teachers — all while keeping mindfulness at the center of everything we do.

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A certified mindfulness teacher leads a class with military personnel
A business coach teaches a group of certified mindfulness teachers.

Find corporate mindfulness clients to increase your impact.

Our method will teach you how to target, segment, and market to corporations interested in mindfulness coaching services — empowering you with the ability to enroll more students at your own pace.

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Get more students through the Modern Mindfulness Method
Modern mindfulness method
Modern Mindfulness has one mission — to help you reach more students and make an honest living in the process. Throughout our method, we'll coach you through exclusive content designed specifically for result-oriented mindfulness teachers like you to get more students.
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our clients

"Modern Mindfulness taught us how to present ourselves and our services more effectively to organizations, increasing our revenue and helping us to become more savvy entrepreneurs in the mindfulness world.”

Jacob Aqua
Source Wellness,
Chief Mindfulness Officer
Two certified mindfulness teachers who completed the Modern Mindfulness 90-day Program to become successful entrepreneurs

"Working with Modern Mindfulness has been extremely helpful for me. I always come out of our coaching sessions with much more confidence, belief in the importance of my work, and a clear path forward."

Dr. Michael Roberts
The Mindfulness Tree,
CIC Certified Teacher

"Working with Modern Mindfulness broadened my perspective of approaching business development through a mindful lens and how to authentically build a practice that serves others and supports myself.”

Michael Arnstein
MTA Wellness,
Certified Mindfulness Teacher

"Modern Mindfulness helped me understand important concepts that have allowed me to introduce mindfulness to more people. The group calls offered nourishing community support in a line of work that is daunting to navigate solo. I learned important lessons about community building, working with 1:1 clients, and providing services to larger organizations."

Noah pomeroy
This Moment Mindfulness,
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As you may know, there are thousands of mindfulness certification programs — filling the world with more and more mindfulness teachers every day. While we view this as a great thing that is helping thousands of people pursue their passion and train in mindfulness — the industry lacks transparency.

Help us create a community of expert mindfulness teachers by reviewing your own certification program and providing individual context for prospective teachers to choose the best program for themselves.
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